Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Very Important Dates

This is more for me than for y'all...

March 7: I have my first meeting/interview with Bishop Soelberg and start working on my mission papers!!!
March 23 to May 21: Doctors appointments...
May 22: Finally able to click the "submit" button and my papers are on their way to Bishop, woohoo!!
June 2 (my 21st birthday!!): A great interview with Bishop.
June 14: A great interview with President Wright.
June 15: The papers are sent off to Salt Lake City!!!

July 9, approx. 1:30pm: The mission call has arrived!!!!!
July 9, approx. 5:15pm: "You are assigned to labor in the Georgia Atlanta Mission." I thought I was seeing things, and Mom thought she was hearing things...

21 DAYS!!!!!

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