Monday, January 17, 2011

First week of my fourth transfer!

Mama, Daddy, and Chris!!!

How are y'all doing?! Last week was crazy!! We were snowed in Monday and Tuesday--Sister Fine and I were sooooo stir crazy!! We ended up shoveling driveways, just to get out of the house for a bit! Wednesday was the first day we were really able to get out of the house--we weren't allowed to drive yet, so we decided to try tracting on our was freezing! We knocked on one door, and then we were like, "I can't feel my face...or my fingers...or my feet." So we texted our zone leaders to see if we could drive yet, and they said to pray about it and decide as a companionship. Sister Fine and I both looked at each other and said, "We're driving!" haha, Sister Fine's a good driver!

Anywho, transfers were moved to Friday instead of Wednesday! Sooo...I'm still here in the Hills of Mars! My new companion is Sister Pontius from Beaumont, Texas. I'm having to get adjusted to a new companion after being with Sister Fine for so long--we were super comfortable together. But she's really great, and she was actually Sister Fine's companion in the MTC! Sister Fine went to Powder Springs--not too far away!

So...I think last week I told y'all that we have three baptism dates! Natalie, Fred, and Joe! Natalie has still been coming to church pretty much every Sunday (she's only missed a couple of Sundays), and she's still hoping to be baptized on February 12, if she can get her parents' permission. Her dad has been coming to church with her most Sundays, as well! He's a really nice guy, and he has tons of questions! He's supportive of Natalie, but he's hoping Natalie will wait until she's 18 to be baptized, so that he and her mom wouldn't really be part of her we'll see how it goes. Please keep Natalie and her family in your prayers!

Fred also set a baptism date for January 29! Fred is 19 years old, and he has a friend who is serving a mission right now. (I want to say he's in Brazil, but I could be wrong?) Yesterday was his first time coming to church--it sounds like he enjoyed it! We're seeing him again on Tuesday night!

And I don't know if you remember Joe, but awhile back, he'd set a baptism date for October 31, but he went out of town pretty much right after we set a date with him. So we didn't see him for awhile, and when he came back home, we could never catch him at home, so we dropped him. But about a week after we dropped him, he called us asking if we could come by and teach him a lesson!! We came by to teach him, and he set a new baptism date, this time for February 26! We're excited for Natalie, Fred, and Joe!! Please keep them all in your prayers!!

The Atlanta Temple is supposed to be dedicated in April!! We don't have a specific date yet, but April's not too far away! And President Monson is going to dedicate it! Oh my goodness, I'm sooo excited for the temple to reopen!!! I hope we get to help out with the open house and dedication! We'll see what happens!

I think that's about it for are y'all doing?! I haven't gotten a letter yet from last week, but it should be here tomorrow or Wednesday. Y'all can still send mail to Sister Cruse's home until about February 20-ish. Time is flying's crazy!! I'm kinda ready for it to warm up, though, haha! People here say it starts warming up near the end of February...can't wait, haha!

Anywho, I sure love and miss you tons!!!!! I think of y'all allllll the time, but I'm staying busy and that helps! :)

Love you!!!!

Sister Crowe xoxoxoxo

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!!!!!

Hola mi familia!

Guess what?! We are having a snow day here in Georgia!!! It snowed six inches last night!!! Everything has pretty much stopped, so we are just hanging out at the house today, catching up on letters and sleep, yay! Sister Fine has been laughing at how I am with the snow, haha...I can't stop looking out the windows at it!

Sorry for not e-mailing last week! Our p-day was crazy!! We played volleyball with the rest of our district that morning, but then the elders wanted to do jujitsu (sp?) over in Dallas, so Sister Fine and I went to watch the, choke each other? It was pretty fun, though, haha! And then, the elders wanted to go out to lunch. We were planning on going home to do our normal p-day stuff, but then we realized that Sister Fine didn't have her GPS, and we didn't know how to get back home, we went to lunch with our elders! And then, we came home to change into our normal clothes ("normal" for a missionary, at least), and we went shopping with Hannah and Sister Collier...oops, I mean Kristen!!! Sooo yup, our p-day was pretty much eaten up. And now I get to catch y'all up on two weeks of stuff, yay!!

Where to start?! Okay, the big news for this week is...we have to find a ride to transfers. Yuppers, we got the call Saturday night. It was pretty hilarious, though. I'd been freaking out pretty much all night waiting for the call from our district leader, and Sister Fine was saying the prayer after we'd planned for the next day, when our phone went off. She finished the prayer and let me answer the phone. It was Elder Howard, our district leader's companion, and the first thing I asked him was if we needed to find a ride. He said, "Congratulations, sisters, y'all get to stay together for another transfer!!" I was freaking out!! But then, Elder Howard was like, "Just kidding, you do need a ride to transfers." Sister Fine says that is the only time she has not seen me laugh at a joke, haha! I was pretty upset, haha! So yeah, one of us is getting transferred...sad day! Sister Fine and I have been together for four months now, and we've gotten super close, especially this last transfer. She's like my big sister! Our predictions for this transfer...we both think that she is staying here in Mars Hill and I'll be going to Buchanan with Sister Nansen...we'll see what happens!!!

It would be neat if I did get transferred to Buchanan, seeing as how I've already been there! We did an exchange New Year's weekend, so I was down there in Buchanan with Sister Nansen, and Sister Mosimane came up here to Mars Hill with Sister Fine. I loooved Buchanan!!! It is sooooo country and redneck, haha! Everyone is related to one another, and there are 101 less-actives in the branch because they're all fighting over a cemetery. Yup! Weird, I know! There is a lot of neat church history there, too! The first Mormon chapel in the Southeastern states was built in Buchanan. They tore it down a while ago, and all that's left is the foundation (I got to see it--it's right across the street from the cemetery that everyone's fighting about). We're all sad they tore it down...I guess there were still bullets in the wall from when the persecution was really bad. Anywho, I definitely made some memories in Buchanan! I got to hold a baby bunny while I was there! There is a family there that raises, to eat them. Yup. I didn't eat any rabbit, but I did eat deer meat--I was nervous, but it was actually really good! Oh, and on my last day there, we went to a funeral for someone's grandmother who had passed away. It had a real Southern preacher! Oh my goodness, I was scared he was going to start speaking in tongues or something, but he didn't...phew, haha! But then, it turned out to be an open-casket funeral...definitely wasn't expecting that! haha, I had a blast in Buchanan, though, and I looove Sister Nansen!!! We're both hoping we get to serve a transfer or two together!

Sister Collier is home!!!!! It was so funny...the surprise was kinda ruined. She found out I was still here (I forget how), but then Sister Fine and I decided that we would try to surprise the whole family. So she called early Wednesday morning (the day we were supposed to have dinner with them) and told them that I'd been emergency transferred to Buchanan, haha! It was pretty fun! We don't know how much they were really surprised to see me that night, but oh well...we tried, haha! It was sooo fun seeing Kristen again, though, especially as she's in jeans now and I'm the one in the skirt and cardigan, baha! Crazy! She gave her "homecoming" talk yesterday--it was so good! She talked about how we need to exercise faith, and she told some stories from her mission (she talked about you, Mom!). Her family's driving to Utah right now...she and Hannah are moving there to go to school. I'm going to miss them sooooo much!!!

Well, shoot! I've spent all this time telling stories, and I need to tell y'all about our investigators! I'm just about out of time, but we have three baptism dates, yay! Natalie, Fred, and Joe! I can't give details now, but I will tell y'all about them next week! I hope I remembered to tell y'all everything else, though! But I sure love and miss y'all tons!!!! I'm happy, though--I love being a missionary! As I'm loving and serving the people here, I am growing closer to my Savior. I love being a missionary!!! :)

Love y'all bunches!!!

Sister Crowe

Monday, December 27, 2010

A "White Christmas" in Georgia!!!

Hello family!!!

Oh my goodness, it was sooooo great getting to talk to y'all on Christmas Day!!! I loved hearing your voices! Chris, you sound so mature!! Goodness, I've only been gone four months, what are you going to sound like in May?! haha! How was Harry Potter?!?! Thank y'all sooooo much for the gifts!!! I love everything!!! I'm wearing the pink sweater today--it is sooo cozy! And I got so excited when I saw the Summer Hill lotion! Now I get to smell like my Mama! :) Chris, I love my Snoopy and Woodstock!!! I opened Grandma's gift, as well--she sent me a really pretty jacket! I love it! I'm going to write her a thank you note hopefully today, and I'll try to get some pictures for her, too! Oh, and Sister Fine loves the slipper socks! She asked me to thank y'all for her!

Annnd...can y'all believe it snowed on Christmas Day?!?! I never ever thought I'd get a "White Christmas" in Georgia (my first one, too!)! And how cool that it started coming down when we were on the phone! They ended up cancelling church yesterday for the whole stake (we're in the Cartersville Stake)! We were also grounded from our car on Saturday night and Sunday morning because of the snow and ice, so we ended up tracting in the snow yesterday was freezing!! The roads were still pretty slick, too--I was so nervous, baha! There is still snow on the ground today, too! Our district got together at a park in Dallas for p-day, and we got to play in the snow for a bit--it was sooo fun! Two elders had brought some makeshift snowboards, and I ended up trying them a couple of times, haha! So fun!! I didn't get very far down before I fell, but it was still super fun! And no broken bones, yay! haha! :) My fingers are still pretty numb, though, haha! It's making it fun to type!

Sister Collier is home!!! Her plane was scheduled to land today at 12:28! Eek!!! We are still hoping to keep it a surprise that I'm still here, but it sounds like she's probably figured it out...she was asking her dad a ton of questions when she called home, haha! We'll see what happens! I can't wait to see her again!!! The Collier's are definitely some of my favorite people ever!! We went over to see them last night and to give them their Christmas gifts from us, and we got to see their Christmas tree--they're waiting to do Christmas with Sister Collier! So fun!

Can y'all believe this is the last week of 2010?! Holy gravy, time is flying by! And I'm going to be a missionary for all of 2011!!! How cool is that?! I don't want to waste a minute of it!!

Sorry, I don't really have much to say this week, since we just talked like two days ago...but I sure do love and miss y'all tonnns!!! How was the rest of your Christmas? I forgot to ask what y'all were doing for Christmas dinner! Do you have any plans for New Year's Eve? I know I already asked this, was Harry Potter?! haha! Well, hope everything is going great for y'all!! I miss you bunches, but I know this is where I'm supposed to be right now! I'm so thankful to be here serving Heavenly Father and His children!!!

Love y'all!!

Sister Crowe

Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow in Georgia!!!

Hello family!

Guess what?! It's snowing here in Georgia!!! Well, not at this very second, but still, haha! Yesterday morning, Sister Fine and I were walking out of the house on our way to church, and we both thought it was raining at first, but then we realized there were little snow flurries! It was so pretty! Sister Fine was laughing at how excited I was, haha! It snowed a little bit this morning, too--there was snow on our car when we came out this morning! And it is cooold!!! Brrr!!! I definitely did not think "cold" when I read my mission call, baha!

So Natalie's parents said "no" to her getting baptized, but Sister Fine and I still have a good feeling that things will work out! Natalie's dad came to church with her yesterday! He's a really nice guy, and we ended up talking with him in between Sacrament Meeting and Relief Society. He wants to know what Natalie sees in the Church, and he's really open-minded. He's already read all of 1 Nephi! He and Natalie are taking us out to lunch on Thursday--Sister Fine and I get to pick where we're going to eat...we're so indecisive, haha!

I think I've told y'all about Dave before...he's been taking the lessons since before I got here, and he's coming along slowly. We usually see him Wednesday nights, and last Wednesday, we went with a member, Brother Plauche. We started teaching Dave about prophets, but then we started talking about the priesthood. Brother Plauche was really helpful--he ended up doing most of the talking that night! At the end of the lesson, Dave asked Brother Plauche for a blessing on his home! The Spirit was so strong during the blessing. Dave said he could feel it, too--he said it was "peaceful." It's been really neat to watch Dave progressing!

Sister Fine and I got to go to a Christmas program at a Baptist church last week. JoAnn, one of our investigators, had invited us to go with her. It was a lot of fun! They had a live nativity, and I got to pet a donkey, a calf, and some goats! Inside the church building, they had a bunch of booths set up to make it seem as though you were in Bethlehem around the time that Christ was born. They also had a music program with a choir and an orchestra, and the preacher got up and did an altar call--it was interesting, but it was really fun!

How are y'all doing?! Thank you so much for the packages! Mama, did you make the cookies? They were so yummy! I love everything! Don't worry, I'm saving the wrapped stuff for Christmas Day! :) I'll be talking to y'all on the phone in 12 days!!!!! I'm sooooo excited!!! Are you doing anything special for Christmas? I miss you sooo much, but I know this is where I'm supposed to be right now! I love being a missionary!!! The Church is true, yay!!!

Love y'all!!!

Sister Crowe

Monday, December 6, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Hey y'all!

Oh my goodness, I don't know where to start! I guess I will start with Natalie! Remember her? She's been coming to church every Sunday pretty much since General Conference, and a few weeks ago, we started meeting with her for about 30 minutes each Sunday after church to teach her the lessons. She pretty much knows everything we've been teaching her--she could teach us the lessons! We ran into her right after Sacrament Meeting yesterday, and she was so excited...her dad wants to come to church with her next Sunday!!! Then, after church, we went over the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her. It was so funny--when I was going over the ABC's of repentance, I got to the letter "C" and Natalie said, "Confess." Sister Fine and I were like, "Have you heard this before?!" She pretty much taught us the rest of the letters, baha! Well...she's getting baptized!!!!! We've set the date for February 12, so that her parents have some time to warm up to it. She is sooooo excited! She truly is someone special--I remember when I first met her that day she came to watch Conference, and she kept saying, "I want it to be true." She just glows! Sister Fine and I are pretty sure this is our last transfer together, and Transfers are on January 12, so we're hoping that whoever is transferred will be able to get permission from President Satterfield to come back for her baptism. We'll see what happens!!! Thank y'all for keeping Natalie and her family in your prayers!!!

So two elders from our district (one was our district leader) and one of our zone leaders went home last Thursday. Sister Fine and I were sad allll day...half of our district is gone! We felt like our family was being split up! Our last District Meeting together was really special. We had a testimony meeting at the end of the meeting, and it was so amazing to hear all these missionaries bear their testimonies, especially the one's who were going home that week. Oh, and my training went pretty good! I was nervous, haha, and I felt like it was kinda jumbled together since I didn't have as much time to prepare for it as I would have liked, but it went well. I taught about how important it is that we pray and ask for the Spirit to be with us, and we talked about how we need to pray with faith.

Oh, I got a letter from Hermana Taets this week...she said that I'm sounding more and more like a country hick every time she hears from me. :) Well, shoot! What do y'all think?? haha, I don't think I have an accent, though...I guess we'll find out on Christmas Day. Speaking of which, do y'all realize there are 19 days till Christmas? :) :) :) I'm sooo excited for us to talk on the phone!!! Did you get to watch the Christmas Devotional last night? I loved it!!! I love Christmas!!! This is such a special time of year to think about the gift of our Savior!

How are y'all doing?! I sure love and miss you bunches!!! I'm doing good--trying to stay warm! :) We went out earlier this morning, and the thermometer in the car read 29 degrees outside...and Dad! The other day, I could see my breath in the car! Didn't that happen with you in Chicago?? haha, anywho...I love it here and I love being a missionary!!! I definitely miss y'all tons, but I know this is where I'm supposed to be right now!

Love y'all!!!

Sister Crowe

Monday, November 29, 2010

Chitlins and Pig's Feet

Hello family!!

Guess what?! Sister Fine and I are staying in Mars Hill together for another transfer!!!!! I'm sooooo excited!!! We'll get to be together for Christmas, and we'll be here for when Sister Collier comes home at the end of December!!! Yayayayay!!!!!

How was your Thanksgiving?! Our's was pretty good! I actually woke up that morning with a bad cold, but other than that, it was a good day! We got to go play football that morning (well, Sister Fine played and I watched), and then we came home for a little bit before going over to the Mills' for our first Thanksgiving dinner. We ended up eating three different at the Mills', one at Dee Dee's, and one with a Hispanic family who invited us over at the last minute. I felt like I was going to throw up by the end of the day. Now I know how the sister missionary in "The Errand of Angels" felt when she said, "I never want to eat again," because I said the exact same thing that night, haha! The food was all really good, though, haha! And now I can say I've had chitlins *and* pig's feet! They actually weren't as bad as I thought they'd be, haha!

Last week was a good week, other than being sick for the last half of it! We didn't do a whole lot on Saturday, since I wasn't feeling good; we came home early that afternoon since we didn't have any appointments and I ended up sleeping for four hours! But I started feeling a little better yesterday, and I'm feeling a lot better today. I think it's just with the weather change. Georgia's weather is so crazy! It changes sooo fast!

We didn't teach a ton of people last week, since everyone was doing stuff for Thanksgiving. But we did have a really good district meeting! Every Tuesday morning, our whole district gets together for a meeting, and we go over some principles in Preach My Gospel and role play. Last week, we talked about how we can help people find out the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon by sharing personal experiences. When we were role playing, I shared how I came to know that the Book of Mormon is true. I don't usually cry when I share my testimony, but I did then. And right when I started to cry, I realized that the whole room was quiet...the other elders who were role playing had stopped to listen. Of course, that made me cry even more, haha! But it was a really good meeting; the Spirit was so strong! I've also been asked to give a training at District Meeting tomorrow; I'll be teaching on praying with faith and how we need to pray for the Spirit if we want to teach in the Lord's way. I'm pretty nervous, haha!

How was your week? I sure love y'all to pieces!!! And I miss you tons!!! I think of y'all allll the time, but I'm happy to be here! And we'll get to talk on the phone real soon!!! I can't wait!!!

Love y'all!!!

Sister Crowe

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!!

Hey y'all!

Turkey Day is three days away!!! Are y'all excited?! I'm super excited!!! We still have to wake up at 6:30 and do our normal routine (exercise, get ready, and studies), and then our ward is having a Turkey Bowl that morning, so we're going to head over to that. We'll be going over to the Mills' (a family in our ward) for dinner that afternoon, and then Dee Dee's invited us over for some dinner, as well, and...she's making chitlins!!! Sister Fine and I are really hoping we get to try some...we both just want to be able to say that we've had it, and then I'll always be able to remember my first Thanksgiving in Georgia, haha! I also found out that we'll get to take a nap, yayyy!!! Is it sad how excited I am for that?! haha! Oh, thank you so much for the Thanksgiving card!!! It made my day!

Sister Fine and I had a really good week! We were busy!! I know it's not about the numbers, but I'm so excited, I have to tell y'all...we taught 10 lessons last week!!! That's not including less-actives! I haven't taught that much since...ever, haha! We're tearing it up here in the Hills of Mars, haha! Of course, we couldn't do it without Heavenly Father!

One investigator we're both excited about is Dave. I can't remember if I've told y'all about him yet or not, but Sister Fine has been teaching him since before I came out here, and even since I've been here, I can see a difference in him when we teach him. Before, he didn't seem to take what we were teaching seriously, but now, we think he's starting to understand the importance of the Book of Mormon and how he really has to do his part if he wants to know if it's true. He's a really great guy, and we're hoping he keeps progressing!

Natalie has been coming to church pretty much every Sunday since General Conference! We've worked it out to where we can teach her right after church each Sunday for about half an hour; yesterday, we taught her the Plan of Salvation. She has such a sweet spirit, I love her!!

We also got to go to Zone Conference in Dallas! We got to hear from President Satterfield, one of the senior couples, the assistants to the president, and the zone leaders. It was a really great day, and I learned a ton! I also got to see Sister Barton again! She's doing great in Douglasville! We also got new phones! They're so fancy!! I think it's the LG Remarq? But I'm not has so many ringtones, though, haha! I love our new alarm...I wish I could sing it over the computer for y'all, it's way peppy, haha! Anywho, we also heard that they'll be making some changes in the missions around April or May. We don't know what kind of changes they'll be yet, but I guess we'll find out soon!

We had dinner with the Collier's on Saturday night! I love that family to pieces!! Brother Collier is the most humble person I know! Can you believe Sister Collier comes home next month?! I'm really hoping and praying I get to stay here for at least one more transfer...transfers are on December 1, and we find out on Saturday if we need to get a ride, so we'll see what happens! I'll go wherever the Lord needs me, though!

How are y'all doing?! Thanks so much for the letter! And Adam's getting married!!!!! Yayayay, I'm so excited for him and Danae!!! Yayyy!!! I'm glad you're getting to see Sheila and Joss, you'll have to give them both a hug for me!! Give everyone my love when you see them on Thursday!!! Hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving!!! I'll be thinking of y'all all day, but I know this is where I'm supposed to be right now! And just think, a month from Thursday, I'll be talking to y'all on the phone!!!!! Yay!!!

I sure love and miss y'all tons!!! We truly have so much to be thankful for, and I'm so blessed to have you all as my family!!!

Love y'all!!!

Sister Crowe