Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First E-mail From Your Sister Missionary!!!

Hello Everyone:

We received this e-mail from Rebecca this morning. I am sure many of you have been anxiously waiting to hear how things have been going for her at the MTC. She is doing great, as you will read. Enjoy!!

Hello family!!!

Okay, so I have 28 minutes...sorry for any mistakes and this e-mail might be pretty chaotic...just saying! And it's my first p-day in the MTC!!! I've survived my first full week here, woohoo!!!

It's been really great so far! I love it here!! The spirit is sooooo strong...seriously!!! Everyone here is just so excited about missionary work! And I haven't been too homesick, yayyy!!! I haven't cried at all! My appetite is better than it was; it was kinda hard the first few days, but I'm eating better. The food is so yummy!! Way better than school lunch food! :) Oh, and it's pretty cool, too, because you hear so many different languages here. I think those who are learning new languages have to go to speaking their new language completely after their first week here. I'm pretty thankful I'll be speaking English in Georgia!!

I looove my companion, Sister Jones! She is from Pleasant Grove, Utah, and she'll be serving in the Colorado Colorado Springs Mission (she'll probably see Elder Schmidt!!). She's super fun, and I am learning sooo much from her. She's like a scripture master, and she's helping me memorize more scriptures that I'll be able to use in my teaching. So far, I've memorized my purpose as a missionary, the First Vision, Moses 1:39, James 1:5, and I'm working on D&C 4. I'm going to try to memorize at least one new scripture every day on my mission, so we'll see how it goes! We share a room with two other sisters in our district, Sister Marshall from Glendale, AZ and Sister Vanderhooft from Salt Lake City; they're both going to Indiana. I love them both, we have so much fun together!

Our disctrict is amazing!!! There's 12 of us total, all staying stateside, going to either Colorado Springs, Indiana, or Atlanta. Elder James and Elder Fisher are going to Atlanta with me. Our district is already like a family, we have a lot of fun together and they all have really amazing insights. It's so great! I'm trying hard not to compare myself to them, though; they all know so much about the scriptures, and I feel like all I really have is my testimony. But I'm learning a lot here, and I'm really trying to learn as much as I can and make the most of these three weeks!

We're in class like eight hours a day, and we have about four more hours of studying each day. So my bum is not too happy with me right now...I wake up in the morning, and I'm sooo sore! But it's okay, I'm sure it's worth it! :) Time is sooo weird here, too...the days just kinda start to run together. Oh, and the weather! I've been thinking of y'all in Arizona...it's in the low 90s here, maybe high 80s, I don't know for sure...but whatever it is, it feels sooo nice! I almost need a sweater in the morning and at night, and this morning, I needed to wear a jacket on the way to the temple! It was pretty chilly!

Oooh, thank you sooo much for the letters!!! My district has labeled me the mail queen...I'm trying to stay humble. :) haha, but really, thank you so much!! I love hearing all about what you have been up to! Dad, did you have a nice birthday? I was thinking of you allll day on Sunday! I heard you were sick, though! Hope you're feeling better! Do you know what it was? I'm glad y'all got to go up to Prescott for the day and spend the day with Grandma! Hope you had a great day, I was thinking of her, too!!

I have a couple of requests...first, Mom, when you write on Dear Elder, would you mind putting the date when you start typing in the box? And would you be able to find some luggage tags to mail me before I leave the MTC? I think they would help in Atlanta, I had a bit of a time making sure I had the right suitcases when I got to Salt Lake. Thank you!! Also, please don't respond to this e-mail, I only have 30 mintues to read and write e-mails, and I'd rather use the time to write y'all! So you can use Dear Elder until I get to Atlanta, I might have more time to e-mail when I get there...we'll see! :)

Eek, only 5 minutes left!!! Well, I love y'all sooooo much, and I miss you lots, but I am doing good and I love being here!! I know this is where I'm supposed to be right now, and I couldn't be happier! I get so excited every time I look at my little black tag...it's amazing!!! I love being a missionary, and I'm so excited to share what I know to be true with the people in Atlanta!!!

Love y'all!!! Please give my love to everyone back home!!!

Sister Crowe


  1. Thank you for posting this, it's great to hear that she's doing well!! I knew she would, and I don't think she has anything to worry about as far as starting out behind everyone else in her district. She did graduate from Institute less than a year after she got baptized. :)

    Thanks again, hope the rest of the Crowe family is doing well! (And happy belated birthday, Mr. Crowe!)

  2. Ahhh, this is so freaking exciting! I'm so glad she's doing well--I know she's going to be a stellar missionary and get about 98223987029834 converts baptized!