Monday, November 29, 2010

Chitlins and Pig's Feet

Hello family!!

Guess what?! Sister Fine and I are staying in Mars Hill together for another transfer!!!!! I'm sooooo excited!!! We'll get to be together for Christmas, and we'll be here for when Sister Collier comes home at the end of December!!! Yayayayay!!!!!

How was your Thanksgiving?! Our's was pretty good! I actually woke up that morning with a bad cold, but other than that, it was a good day! We got to go play football that morning (well, Sister Fine played and I watched), and then we came home for a little bit before going over to the Mills' for our first Thanksgiving dinner. We ended up eating three different at the Mills', one at Dee Dee's, and one with a Hispanic family who invited us over at the last minute. I felt like I was going to throw up by the end of the day. Now I know how the sister missionary in "The Errand of Angels" felt when she said, "I never want to eat again," because I said the exact same thing that night, haha! The food was all really good, though, haha! And now I can say I've had chitlins *and* pig's feet! They actually weren't as bad as I thought they'd be, haha!

Last week was a good week, other than being sick for the last half of it! We didn't do a whole lot on Saturday, since I wasn't feeling good; we came home early that afternoon since we didn't have any appointments and I ended up sleeping for four hours! But I started feeling a little better yesterday, and I'm feeling a lot better today. I think it's just with the weather change. Georgia's weather is so crazy! It changes sooo fast!

We didn't teach a ton of people last week, since everyone was doing stuff for Thanksgiving. But we did have a really good district meeting! Every Tuesday morning, our whole district gets together for a meeting, and we go over some principles in Preach My Gospel and role play. Last week, we talked about how we can help people find out the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon by sharing personal experiences. When we were role playing, I shared how I came to know that the Book of Mormon is true. I don't usually cry when I share my testimony, but I did then. And right when I started to cry, I realized that the whole room was quiet...the other elders who were role playing had stopped to listen. Of course, that made me cry even more, haha! But it was a really good meeting; the Spirit was so strong! I've also been asked to give a training at District Meeting tomorrow; I'll be teaching on praying with faith and how we need to pray for the Spirit if we want to teach in the Lord's way. I'm pretty nervous, haha!

How was your week? I sure love y'all to pieces!!! And I miss you tons!!! I think of y'all allll the time, but I'm happy to be here! And we'll get to talk on the phone real soon!!! I can't wait!!!

Love y'all!!!

Sister Crowe

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I'm very thankful that you take the time to do this every week, and that she takes the time to write to y'all every week! :) And I'm glad to hear she's feeling better and had a great Thanksgiving, and is still having a great time and loving being a missionary!!