Monday, October 4, 2010

Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude!!! :)

Hello family!

Can you believe it's already October?!?! I've been in Georgia for almost a whole month!!! Crazy!!!

Oh my goodness, General Conference!!!!! Was it amazing or what?! What were your favorite talks? We got to watch all of the sessions, but there were some technical difficulties on Saturday, so we missed most of the second session. I can't wait for the Ensign to come out so I can read all the talks! I loooved President Monson's talk on gratitude, and a few people talked about trusting in Heavenly Father, which was something I needed to hear.

Yesterday, we met Natalie. She's 16 years old, and she has been learning about the Church on her own for about a year, but her family is really big into their church and they don't want her coming to the LDS services. Her dad said she could watch Conference at the church building, and she got to stay for both sessions! She loved it! We talked to her in between sessions a bit, and we taught her about the Restoration of the gospel. She is so amazing and so prepared!!! Please keep her in your prayers, and her family, as well, that their hearts might be softened and they'll allow her to come to church!

So right after I e-mailed y'all last week, we heard that there were tornado warnings for parts of Georgia. And then, a few nights later, I dreamed that we were tracting in a storm with tornadoes...the weather's been pretty weird the last week! And it has gotten cold fast!!! I am learning how to layer, haha!

On Friday, we got to go down to Peachtree City for a sister's meeting. It was sooo fun!!! I got to meet all the other sisters in the mission, and I know how to change a tire now! haha! We also got to see pictures of the new dress guidelines for sisters--we get to look cute!!!

We did a ton of tracting last week. We had a couple of people say we could come back later and teach them more, yay! Hopefully they'll still have that desire when we come back!

Ooh, guess what?! My mission is going to be in movie theatres everywhere!!! haha, not really, just my area! They're filming the new Footloose movie in Acworth!!! That's like 20 minutes from where I am!!! How cool is that?!

How are y'all doing?! Chris is in England!!!!! I'm thinking of him all the time, I'm sure he's having a blast!!! Have y'all heard from him at all? I can't wait to hear all about it! I told him to eat lots of Flakes and Crunchies for me, haha! Mom, thank you for the letter! It sounds like you're all doing great! And I'm sooo happy your first Relief Society meeting went great! I looove the name you chose for the holiday night! Oh my goodness, it sounds like that's going to be so fun! And Amber had her baby!!! Yayyy!!! Aubrey's such a cute name! I will need to write her soon! Oh, and I looove Carly's wedding picture!!! I have it up on my bulletin board over my bed. Dad, I was craving some of your seven-layer bars the other day, haha!

Well, I love you all oodles!!!!! I think of you alllll the time and miss you bunches, but I know this is where I'm supposed to be right now. I have the best job in the world! Every day, I get to share something that has brought me so much joy and happiness. I love my job!!

Love you!!!

Sister Crowe

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  1. Thank you so much again for posting this!!! I'm always so glad to hear that she's doing well, and I'm glad she enjoyed Conference—hope you did too!!