Monday, November 15, 2010

It's My Birthday!!

Hello family!

I'm two years old today!!! I can't believe it's already been two years since I was baptized! It was pretty neat, too...yesterday's lesson in Relief Society was on baptism, and the closing hymn was "Lead Me into Life Eternal!" We sang that at my baptism!! I'm sooo grateful for my missionaries and for the decision I made to follow Jesus Christ!!!

The blitz last week went good! Some of the elders in our district were able to find some people for us. And we have a new investigator thanks to two of our elders!! Her name is Mimi; she's a single mom of five kids, and she has a lot of faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. She used to meet with missionaries about two or three years ago, and she said that she wants to find the truth so that she can teach it to her children. The way the world is nowadays, she wants her kids to have something to hold onto. We've already had two lessons with her, and she is awesome! I'm super excited to see how she progresses!

Sister Fine and I had kind of a sad experience during the blitz, though. We'd finished knocking our street, and we were getting ready to head back to our car. There was another car parked across from our's, with two young men (maybe in their 20s) standing next to it, smoking and talking. We walked up and started talking with them, but when Sister Fine gave them a pass-along card, the one guy ripped it up. Sister Fine asked him if he believes in Christ, and he said, "No, I think he's disgusting." He was cussing a lot, too. He started telling us that he's in a band, and when they perform, they wear animal fur and rip Bibles up on stage. He also said that he's had a dark spirit appear to him, and when he asked it for something, it gave it to him. And he said that he'd rather burn in hell than go to heaven. We tried to bear our testimonies to them, but they just wanted to argue with us. I've still been thinking about them, even though it's been almost a week since we saw them; it makes me really sad, not only to see how they're living their lives, but to think of how much Christ suffered for their actions.

On a brighter note,'s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Sister Cruse's home!!! We've been helping her put up all her decorations, including the Christmas tree! It's been a lot of fun, but it also made me a little homesick. I started thinking, though, Heavenly Father must feel like this all the time. He wants all His children to come home to Him!

Ooh, it was warmer this week!!! I was sooo happy, haha! It's been raining all day here today...I'll try to wish some of it to Arizona! :)

Anywho, how was your week? I sure miss y'all oodles, but I know this is where I'm supposed to be! Love you bunches!!!!!

Sister Crowe

P.S. Sarah, I don't know if you'll get to read this or not, but...good luck on your mission!!!!! You will be an amazing missionary!!! Let's keep in touch!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this!! :) I'm very glad to hear that, despite having some discouraging attempts to teach, she's still having fun and finding more people who are ready to learn the Gospel!